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Flow Control Pipe joint gives the best sealing and pressure holding characteristics. This fitting consist of a three piece design namely Body, Nut and a special case hardened Ferrule its assembly is unique. During the assembly of the fitting on to a pipe, the Nut is screwed on the body causing the ferrule to side along the inner conical seat of the Body and grips the pipe, While future tightening the leading edge of the Ferrule bites in to the pipe throwing up the visible coller of displaced metal which acts as a metallic interlock and and results in to a leakproof joint. In addition to a sealing member the case hardened ferrule function as spring washer maintaining continuous tension between pipe surface, Fitting Body and Nut, which help the joint to remain pressure tight even during heavy vibration. For maintenance these fitting Body dismantled and re-assembled when ever required without affecting the seal and weakening the pipe, thus avoiding wastage of material.

Cut the pipe at night angle and debuts the inside and outside. Lubricate the Nut and body threads as will as cone of the body Slide NUT AND THEN FERRULE over the pipe end. Bitting edge of the ferrule must face towards interior come of the body First tighten the Nut by hand until you fil it binding on the Furrule. Than press the pipe against the stopper in the inner cone and tighten the Nut with spaner by about 3/4 turn Once the Ferrule grip the pipe firmly, it si not necessery to proess the pipe. Than tighten the Nut by about another 3/4 turn. The Ferrule will bite in to the pipe throwing a visible coller of displaced metal as shown above. After unscrewing the Nut you may notice that the Ferrule can be turned round of the pipe end. This is due to the spring action of the Ferrule.


Flow Control Flareless bite type fittings for metric size O. D. pipes are manufactured to DIN 2353 standards. These fittings are oftered in Carbon steel, Brass and stainless stele. For instrumentation requirements in chemical industries, Fertiliser plants and where the line fluids are highly corrosive, me offer Brass and stainless steel fittings. Please note, Brass fittings are suitable for a maximum working pressure of 100 kg/cm.2, while stainless steel fitting can be used for working pressure up to 200 Kg./cm2. Stainless steel is not an ideal material for ferrules. Being non-hardening, the primers requirement of a hard outer casing and a soft core is not a achiveble like carbon steel. So where stainless steal fitting can be used with Carbon steel ferrules, you will get excellent results. In carbon steel fittings, Nuts and straight Bodies are made from Low Carbon Free cutting stele and shaped Bodies are made from Bar stock construction. Ferrules are heat treaded and Bodies are supplied in Parkerized finish as standards.

These’ figures are to be considered as the maximum working pressure under normal working condition and at temperatures up to 1200 C. Use metric size out side diameter pipe to DIN 2391 / C or equivalent standards. Pipes must be seamless having precision tolerances on their O.D. with blemish free surface and in fully annealed condition below RB 70 hardness.

NOTE : The Part numbers mentioned in this catalogue refer to carbon steal fitting with standard finish. If the fitting are required in brass or stainless steal. Please mantion type of material required along with part number. The variety of fitting shown in this catalogue is by on means exhaustive and complete, but merely indicative of the wide range available from us. Please refer page 37 of this catalogue for special fitting configuration.

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