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Flow Control Pipe joint gives the best sealing and pressure holding characteristics. This fitting consist of a three piece design namely Body, Nut and a special case hardened Ferrule its assembly is unique. During the assembly of the fitting on to a pipe, the Nut is screwed on the body causing the ferrule to side along the inner conical seat of the Body and grips the pipe, While future tightening the leading edge of the Ferrule bites in to the pipe throwing up the visible coller of displaced metal which acts as a metallic interlock and and results in to a leakproof joint. In addition to a sealing member the case hardened ferrule function as spring washer maintaining continuous tension between pipe surface, Fitting Body and Nut, which help the joint to remain pressure tight even during heavy vibration. For maintenance these fitting Body dismantled and re-assembled when ever required without affecting the seal and weakening the pipe, thus avoiding wastage of material.


Our client dedication and customer service does not stops at the point of sale of our products, but goes a step further. Testing each Hose Assembly on different parameters will definitely satisfy our esteemed clients, but not us, as we always ensure that our products give maximum performance and service life. Our expert and highly experienced quality analysts ensure that our hoses and allied products conform to the highest national and international standards of quality and reliability. We carry rigorous quality tests on our products at our in-house testing lab and check our range on the basis of certain parameters such as: .Design .Durability .Finish .Leak- Proof .Dimensional Accuracy. To ensure optimum quality of our finished products, all of our raw material purchases are made from renowned sources and are periodically tested in approved labs before being applied in the manufacturing process. Our assortment of End connection designs are incorporated with latest technological developments to ensure leak-proof performance till the Hose Rubber Life expires.

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Nut & Ferrule

Straight Coupling

Equal Elbow Union

Equal Tee Union

Equal Cross Union

Parallel Male Stud Coupling

Bulkhead Elbow Union

Bulkhead Straight Union

Stand Pipe Adaptor

Taper Male Connector

Taper Male Stud Elbow

Male Stud Coupling

Taper Male Branch Tee

Swivel Elbow Connector

Swivel Branch Tee Connector

Ermito Ferrule




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More than 20 year experience in industry

Right after the inception of the company by Mr. Jafir, we have manufactured a wide assortment of products in the field of Hydraulics. The futurist approach and expertise of our team facilitates the customized demands of our clients. With over 20 years of credibility, we have initiated and developed many exclusive Products and Systems as per the requirements of our clients.


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